"My horse was running very comfortable," Vasquez said. "My instructions were to go as fast as I had to. She didn't give me no warning. It's lucky I had a tight hold on her when it happened, or I could have gone down. I am sure..I am positive..that she would have won the race if she didn't get hurt."

"It was hollow, it was no victory," Baeza said.
"We lost one of the greatest horses ever."

Ruffian Fans,
  It has been very hard for me to build this page. So it is with
a heavy heart that I add it to Ruffians website.
On it's completion I shall not visit it again unless I have updates.

Some of you know the tragic end Ruffian suffered. Some of you do not.
In her 11th and final race she broke down in front of a crowd of 50,764
and a television audience close to 19 million. It was the unforgetable
10-furlong match race with Foolish Pleasure. She had opened up a
half-length lead over the great horse when a quarter-mile into the
race she shattered her Proximal Sesamoid Bones in her right foreleg.
Dispite her broken bones, her jockey Jacinto Vasquez had his hands
full pulling her to a stop as she took her last running steps.
Ending her career but forever holding the title of never having
ever been headed. No horse ever ran head to head with her.
Always ahead at every pole she ran toward.
The finish of her career and her life followed closely behind.

See Sesamoid Information HERE

She was taken to the nearby veterinary hospital of Dr. William O. Reed,
where a team of six doctors, including Dr. Edward Keefer, an orthopedic surgeon,
worked for 12 hours in an attempt to save her. But as she awoke from anesthesia,
she could not be contained and thrashed horribly, causing even more damage than
before. Breaking more bones with the heavy cast she then broke the cast and tore
her ankle to pieces again. The decision was made to end her suffering and she
was euthanized. She is buried at Belmont Park Racetrack in the infield near the
flagpole with her nose pointed toward the finish line.

Her final race I have added here with reluctance.
Right click player to open options then click play to start.
Give player time to load.

She is missed. I wish that I had seen her just once.
I envy those who have. My Memorial page is HERE