There are truths that we all have made for ourselves.
They can not be changed.
Within these pages the truths that an extrordinary horse
named Ruffian
created for herself. They can not be changed.
I dedicate this entire site to her and wish to thank all who have not forgotten her.


  You were born to fly your legs graced with speed,
  With hooves that sparked the ground.
  Dark streak of flight is how you lived,
  never looking back, only ahead.

  Stretched out you covered ground,
  your ears often perked with ease.
  Never headed, going easily, yet...
  Every pole you passed,
  You were the first to see.

  Upon this earth our eyes beheld,
  Your spirit that would not be tamed.
  Your dance we watched in great respect,
  The titles so easily claimed.

  Only once did you fail that walk to the circle,
  It took broken bones then a jockey to stop you.
  A final performance all too soon,
  to crush the dreams wished for that day.
  It is said that you woke wanting to run,
  There's nothing swift lady, now in your way.

  Oh Ruffian, do you know, the tale so true,
  of the bolt that set your destiny.
  How you broke the hearts of those you raced,
  and those you left as well.

  That which you left us has not been forgotten,
  The desire, the strenght, the courage you held ample.
  Look down Ruffian, there are those still wondering,
  how you did what you did and indeed be an example.

  You who read this can be a part of her,
  just whisper to yourself....the name....

  *Auther's note*
  To Ruffian, who showed me something
  that helped me change my life. I never
  knew you but The Lord has placed you in
  my heart for a reason.

  One day, though you are not there,
  I will stand before your grave,
  And whisper my solemn prayer.