She was and still is one of the most respected of all racehorses.
She was and to this day, still is, one of the most loved. Her story is known by not only the racing industry but by the public as well.
Ruffian. She had a destiny...

This website is dedicated to her. It is my love and respect for what she was and who she was that has instilled in me the desire to tell her story and it is my hope that I have done her justice here within these pages. My only intent is to keep her memory alive.

I do not wish to cross any lines of copyright. To my knowledge all information/images were collected via public domain or caring people who have chosen to share their information. Some were created by me from these images such as the one featured on her homepage.

I hold no rights to the orginal content and have not profited in any way from them. I do not have any google links or any affiliate program connected to this site. I pay out of pocket to present her story to those who wish to know her. It is solely for the honor of Ruffian and the hopes of keeping this perfect horse alive in the public eye.

If by chance you need to contact me about a concern, please feel free to do so at ruffiansmail(at)gmail(dot)com